PGS application maintenance and support services work to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining legacy systems.

PGS maintenance offers ways to improve existing customer applications and enhance them in response to the widening market demands.

PGS has enabled leading companies world wide to develop, maintain and support their business applications effectively. Our onshore/offshore application maintenance outsourcing model provides client with onsite industry experts, onshore program managers and offshore development teams that enable you to:

  1. Avoid costly and time-consuming rework through our industry best practices, process knowledge and technology capabilities.
  2. Accelerate delivery time with our onshore industry consultants and offshore development staff that has worked in your industry and are conversant with terminology and best practices to ensure project integrity and minimize implementation cycles.
  3. Synchronize resources across onsite, onshore and offshore locations, reducing management and support costs.

Our application maintenance and support services encompass such activities as:

  1. Flexible pricing parameters (flat rate, per-incident, per seat)
  2. After-hours, select-hours, or 24×7 support services
  3. Technical support services by phone, email and/or fax
  4. Error tracking and debugging
  5. End user support
  6. Technical troubleshooting
  7. Application upgrades and enhancements
  8. Web content updates

PGS methodology involves:

  1. Assessment of existing applications and take over
  2. Timely proactive application maintenance Supply of consistent resources for ongoing maintenance, new development and upgrades
  3. Functional extensions
  4. Legacy migration
  5. Application documentation.