ERP Application Vendors constantly evolve their suite of products to make them business relevant. Keeping pace with these advances and evaluating if it is time to upgrade to a new version is in the interest of organizations that have invested in ERP Application. However, companies may find this task effort intensive and daunting.

As a service provider with expertise in various ERP implementation services, PGS keeps track of new ERP versions and deadlines for new releases. We also evaluate both the technical benefits and enhanced functionality of these releases. Based on this, we suggest upgrade roadmaps for our clients that take into account:

  • Change management
  • Business continuity
  • Business impact analysis
  • Detailed project planning
  • Hardware sizing

Moreover, our upgrade methodology draws from various ERP Product methodology and best practices and incorporates the efficiencies of an offshore-based delivery model giving clients the dual benefit of lowered cost and shorter upgrade cycle. We also ensure minimal business disruption and carry out post-upgrade IT environment optimization reviews as per client needs.

Our ERP Upgrade end-to-end solution that connects all steps involved in an upgrade project in an integrated environment.

The following stages followed:

Planning and scoping upgrades

  • Project management
  • Release evaluation
  • Technical execution
  • Configuration/development tracking
  • Functional
  • Security
  • Validation
  • Testing
  • Issues tracking
  • Change management
  • End user training

PGS consultants understand that upgrades represent a full dimension of skills and services and are not just limited to technology. Our upgrade methodology focuses on careful project planning, skilled project management and training. We focus on mission critical and time sensitive deliverables and dependencies ensuring a successful upgrade.