Our Cloud & DevOps Services

Cloud Architecture and Design:

Architecting for carrier grade reliability and planet scale design

DevOps Engineering and Automation:

Set-up CI/CD and automate configuration management

Cloud Migration:

Migrate on-premise systems to cloud and across cloud platforms

Cloud Operations Management:

Manage cloud operations 24x7x365 with guaranteed SLAs and optimized resource costs


Digital solutions today are engineered with many systems coming together and are expected to serve a large number of users accessing the solution over a variety of devices. The solution can not be delivered to the users without architecting and managing the systems behind the solution.

In addition, users expect a constant delivery of new features and functionality which requires a design methodology and automation to take the code from the hands of a developer to a solution in the hands of a user.

Keeping this in mind, Reliance Global Services brings together its expertise in two critical elements – architecting and managing cloud operations, and engineering and automating DevOps processes. We help companies to deliver their solutions to the end users / customers with guaranteed SLAs and help architect and manage systems for increased application velocity.