Palvai Global Services providing following Migration Services:

  1. Desktop Application Migration
  2. SP to ASP.NET
  3. VB to .NET (C# / VB.NET)
  4. Client Server to WEB
  5. VB to WEB
  6. SQL DTS

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  1. Improved Performance
    • Uses caching in code with automatic content expiration. This feature automatically expires and refreshes data from the cache
  2. Better Language support
    • .NET is platform independent and supports 25 .NET languages such as C#, VB.NET, and JavaScript. .NET
  3. Easier Maintenance
    • Developers with relevant expertise in front end and back end programming can easily maintain code as compared to ASP
  4. Improved Scalability
    • .NET overcomes the bottlenecks created by ASP sessions, which used to work well only on the server where they were created
  5. Proven methodology
    • Reduces risk, cuts cost and increases ROI
  6. Event Driven Programming
    • .NET is an object-oriented approach that supports event driven programming unlike ASP